Thursday, October 6, 2011

"You're IS hot in here!"

I shared a room with my younger sister.  She was seven years old...Because I considered her an invader of MY personal space, I often relished torturing her.

One summer night in Colorado, we were getting ready for bed when I remembered to bring an extra pair of underwear under the covers with me.  I know...sounds weird, but bear with me gets better I promise...

I snuggled in my bed as I watched and waited for her to climb into hers.  As she got herself settled under the covers I casually said, "Man, it's really hot in here!  Think I'll sleep naked tonight."  I saw her turn over in her bed and face me...then she asked, "Are you really going to sleep naked, Trina?"

"Yeah, why not?  I'm burning up!"  I replied...she then said what I had anticipated, "I don't believe you.  Show me your underwear and throw them on the floor."

See?  Am I a genius or what?  Bringing the extra underwear to bed?  Get it?  Good...Let me finish the story here...


So I acted as though I was stripping beneath the covers, pulled the blankets up to my neck and proceeded to stick my arm from the side of the covers.  On the tip of my index finger dangled the extra pair of underwear....bait if you will...and did she ever bite.

She almost sounded relieved as she started stripping and said, "Whew!  Man it is hot!  I've never slept naked before!"

Then we went to sleep.  What she didn't know was I had hired my brother...a "hit man" so to speak to come into our bedroom first thing...paid him with part of my Easter candy stash...

The following morning, he walked into our bedroom, made his way to my sister's bed and we both watched her sleeping soundly under her covers.  I gave the signal, and a split second later, my brother tore off her covers.

She woke up startled and naked...screaming...scrambling for clothing that wasn't there...As my brother and I stood there laughing...clothed.

Man, that was kind of mean...funny as hell though...

See ya.

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