Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Believe in Yourself!

I was cleaning this morning and came across this diary...And I stopped for a moment and really stared at it.  Took it all in..studied it closely.

So check it out...Look at the panda.  Do pandas have pupils that big?  I don't know.  I am glad they kept it real with the pink plastic bow.  I also like how the panda is kind of draped over the corner of the book so as to create the impression of "SURPRISE!  You really SHOULD believe in yourself!"

Maybe the panda is meant to inspire.  Aren't they from China?  I think one panda name I can recall is "Ling Ling"..or maybe "Chi Chong Walla Walla Ding Dong"..No, that may get a little long winded for the zoo keeper but admittedly fun to say.  I digress...

Anyway, maybe the writer in this diary will get dreamy eyed and think of Pandas delicately picking bamboo and eating it...Or a Panda getting all cute and clumsy as it does little somersaults in captivity.  These thoughts, in turn would inspire the writer to really get "pen to paper", so to speak.

Texture is key too.  With the exception of the plastic "Believe in Yourself!" lettering, the exterior is covered in soft fuzz.  Maybe unused carnival prizes are stripped down and used as the cover.  Perhaps picking up a regular hard bound book is too jarring to the mind vs. the fluffy exterior that conjures up creative thoughts.

I really am all for inspiring people to believe in themselves.  Still trying to figure out what Pandas have to do with it.  I'm going to keep thinking...

See ya...

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