Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How high again?

Dinner at my house growing up usually entailed getting the entire family to sit down together.  It was also, at times, when my parents decided to argue about events from their day.

One night my mom and dad got into a heated discussion.  And my dad, all red faced and frustrated finally blurts out to my mom sitting on the opposite end of the dinner table "You know what REALLY BURNS MY ASS?!"

Being the astute student of sarcasm, I decided to answer for my mom.  I held my hand next to the table about where my dad's ass height would be and replied pseudo innocently, "Fire this high dad?"

Silence.  Kids stopped chewing.  7 pairs of eyes...incredulously looking at me.  My dad, wild eyed with disbelief.  Sitting with his mouth half open.  No sound coming out.

I think he was impressed with my answer.  Maybe not.  Yeah, "No."

Then...from my mom, "Trina you're excused now."

I didn't put up much of a fight.  We were having cube steak.  I think it's the cut that made from the part of the cow that gets the absolute most exercise...tough and dry.

Nothing to add here...

See ya!

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