Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why, step on up!

One day while walking through a mall in Greeley, CO my mom treated me to an Orange Julius.  I had no idea really what kind of delight I was in for...but man did I quickly become a fan.

A big fan.  Obsessed.  But these babies cost some serious jack.  And it didn't help that most of the time I passed one?  5 other siblings were with me.

So I said, "Enough of this shit.  I'm going to figure out how to make them at home..."  I really did say that.  I wanted an Orange Julius on demand.  Frothy, whipped orange cream delight.

Screw it.  How hard could it be to make?

I went to work with my mom's blender...First ingredient had to be Orange juice, right?  So I started there...added some ice cream, ice, lots of sugar...think I added extra vanilla too.  After some experimentation...trial and error...I finally nailed it...And by "nailed it"?  I mean it tasted like the real deal.

Given my mastery of Orange Julius' recipe I even felt a little cocky.  Felt as if the creators at Orange Julius somehow misplaced their recipe I'd be their "go to" guy....I'd be a hero because I'd be all modest and crap and say, "Well, I'm not sure if this is EXACTLY what you made, but..." as I'd watch their CEO take a taste...then nod to the other execs as a non verbal "Guys, we've got it.  Thank god we found this gal."  Then he'd turn to me, "Say, Trina...this may even be BETTER!  Damn!!!"

Then I'd smile and demand some kind of royalty for saving their ass...

But being the practical and realistic lass I was I instead enjoyed tormenting my siblings...I'd whip up a big batch of Orange Julius and would casually stroll into the family room...Did I mention I required the soda straw?  I did.  Anyway, I'd walk in knowing I'd get stares.

Then my brother would inevitably have to say, "Trina is that an Orange Julius?  Is there any left?"  My standard reply?  "Nah, this is it.  You like Orange Julius?  Have I mentioned how good mine are?  I mean, dead on.  Anyway...I'm headed upstairs." as I turned to walk away...

And they'd stop me..."Bu-bu-but...Waiiit!"  and I'd pretend I was surprised they wanted to keep me within "Orange Julius reach" so to speak....Then my brother and sister would start rattling off favors they'd do so they too could enjoy the delightfully refreshing Orange Julius experience...

"I'll make your bed." "I'll pick up dog poop on your day."  "I won't tell mom you shaved 15 minutes off your practice time."  "You can pretend you need to go to the bathroom during kitchen duty tonight." "Won't tell dad you graffitied his weight bench with that Sharpie marker."

The offers came rolling in.  I was almost an auctioneer for that matter.  Made my brother and sister compete with bids until I heard something I liked.  Then would point to one and say, "Alright.  You win.  Deal!"

And we'd leave the losing bidder sitting stunned....

Good times...

See ya'!

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