Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Be sure to wash your hands.

I'm getting grossed out just looking at this...But can you believe some people don't know what a urinal cake is?  For anyone who doesn't, it's the pink disk...shaped in a little cake.  It does something.

I don't know exactly what.  Maybe makes things smell nice.  Ok, I'm grossed out again.

My mother didn't know what one was.  Maybe it's placement in the urinal in a port-o-let threw her off.  All I remember is her telling us one by one to "Remember to wash your hands.  It's so dirty in there."

Funny thing is none of us could recall a sink with soap.

So I asked her.  "Mom, where exactly did you see a place to wash your hands?"  She replied, "There's a little sink with pink soap.  No water but it's better than nothing."

Ok, gagging again.

I gotta go...


  1. Holy snarping archholes....
    So. Gross.

  2. Venom...I know. I didn't even want to know how she "washed her hands"...and thank god there wasn't any "Water"...