Thursday, February 9, 2012

I got nothin' but time lady...

Holy crap.  I just have to share what I just witnessed at my local Post Office.

I walk in and there's an older guy waiting and a woman getting waited on by the one employee working the counter.

I wound up waiting 20 minutes!  Why?  Because that dumb broad couldn't decide which stamps to buy...When I first walked in she was just standing there staring down.  Then asks the guy working behind the counter, "Doesn't the LOVE stamp look a little bright to you?"

Postal employee:  "Well, yeah, uh, I guess it's a little red."

Dumb broad:  "I'm not sure.  Maybe I'll take one of the LOVE and one of this other (whichever alternate design she was looking at)."

Postal employee:  "We're always getting new stamp designs in."

Dumb broad:  "Oh reeeeeally?  Like when?  A month?  If I buy this LOVE stamp today are you telling me a week or two from now you'll get something else in that I'll like better?  Because maybe I should wait."

Postal Employee:  "Well ma'am I really don't have a timeline of when..."

Dumb broad (interrupts):  "...yeah, but you just said a month.  So I can wait if you think a better design is coming out.  Do you know what design it may be?  I mean, just an idea...I'm sure they let you know, right?"

Postal Employee: "No.  Actually we don't know until we get the stamps in what the design is."

( she stares down....)

Dumb broad:  "Ok, I'll take one of each.  One LOVE and one of this...(points to other stamp design)"

The postal employee proceeds to take out a sheet of stamps and she says, "Oh GOD no!  JUST one stamp!"

By the point the old guy and I waiting in line are ready to lose it because now the employee has to check to see if he can "break up" a sheet for each of the stamp designs she wants to buy...

After all this fiasco she spent $1.10

Did I mention all this over two fucking stamps?  Two.  Deux.  Dos....

This experience alone really reinforces my distaste for Post Offices.  They're weird as shit.

Goddamn it, now I'm all agitated just recalling the ordeal!  Crap!

Outta here!!!!!!

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