Monday, September 12, 2011

The time I thought I was hot in 8th Grade...

Flashback to 8th grade.  My school had one of those "Spirit Weeks" where every day was a different theme.  The day I most looked forward to was "Pajama Day".

I actually owned a pair of footed the age of 14.  Now I think back to those pj's and think they were pretty pervy.  Like they were made for adults who like to be treated like a baby as a sexual fetish or something...  Regardless I decided to wear them to school.

They were royal blue.  As if I didn't look ridiculous enough I also decided to up the "cute" factor by pulling my hair into I essentially looked like a giant pubescent baby...with zits.

Other girls wore their nighties...That was probably more sexy.  I looked like Grover.

No wonder I didn't get dates.  I really had shit for brains...

Now I'm wondering where my mother found those pajamas...kind of skeeves me out...

Outta here...


  1. Here's my story:
    Me - 8th grade. Corey - Freshman.
    I had that insane crush only an 8th grader could have. Then one Wednesday night, he calls me.
    Corey: Got plans for Friday night?

    And I was all, like, OMG before OMG even existed. But I kept my shit together.

    Me: Lemme check. (pause as I get my breath knowing full well I have Nothing going on) Nope, I'm not doing anything.

    Corey: Good, cuz my Mom wants to know if you'll babysit my little brothers.

    Me: ~.~

  2. Kendall - HAAAHAAA! I laughed so hard reading that!!! Ah, yes, 8th should read one of my older posts titled, "Hello, Ronnie?" Very similar story!