Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Click right there...

One day while at work a few years back my manager hired a new guy.  As was the usual, she'd parade the newbie around the office, introduce them to the "team" as we were called, so they'd feel welcome.

I stood up, extended my hand and gave a friendly, "Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Trina..."  as though we'd be lifelong friends.  His name was Mark.

A friendly chap.  Seemed to really know his shit when it came to information technology stuff.  Always dependable.

But then I quickly noticed something odd about him.  One day while testing one of the applications he had developed, I ran into a so-called glitch and called him over to my desk.

"Mark, why isn't this window popping up so I can enter a Tax ID code?" I asked...His reply, "Try just clicking on the bun."

Me:  "The bun?"

Him:  "Yeah, the bun...right there...see it?  Bottom left."

Me:  "Oh, ok, gotcha...ok...uh, thanks..."

Him:  "No problem."

I sat stunned as he strolled back to his desk.  What the hell was up with his pronunciation of 'button' as 'bun'?  Weird...

Maybe it was the double consonant?  I mean, did he sit at the table with his family and say, "Pass the ber (butter) and while you're reaching for it, I'll take some per (pepper) too?" or maybe he said to his wife at times, "You look rey (really) prey (pretty)"...

Any thoughts?  Oh, and I didn't misunderstand him.  He consistently said 'bun' when referring to a button.  Phrases I heard included, "I lost a bun."  "Press the bun." "The buns on my phone." and "The top bun on my shirt."

Weird fucker...Knew there had to be something wrong with him...

See ya...


  1. hahahaha it's like landlords, they are nutters too (or need I say nurs ?) My neighbour and I have THE weirdest landlords (we both rent our shops) .. Mine is constantly repeating stuff and when I see her name on my cell I never answer ; It's the type that hates dogs and picks up everything in front of my shop's door ; cigarette stubs or leafs ! What the f*** is up with that ?

  2. Perhaps he was one of the new profession one hears about on the electric radio "fubblers", I am not sure what they do, but Wayne Rooney and John Terry are both fubblers.

  3. Dominica - That la-ord is a fu-y bird...(that landlord is a funny bird)...

  4. Vicus - haha...I actually just think he was a complete moron...but good theory.