Monday, September 26, 2011

Random Names Bestowed Upon Yours Truly....

Is Trina an odd name?  Maybe...I don't know.  All my siblings have what I'd call "normal" or "mainstream" names....not me.  Mom got creative.

So on this fine Monday I decided I'd give you some insight on some names people have used in lieu of Trina.  You name....Read on.   I'm sure this was high on your to do list today:

"Trini" - (pronounced, "Treenee") Courtesy of Mrs. Reinking, 7th grade algebra.  Back when scan trons were used, my last name was so long that I couldn't fit the "a" at the end of "Trina".  This big brazen broad took it upon herself to assume it ended in "i".  She was so big and intimidating, I never corrected her.  She also gave me my first and only "C" in math.  Wench.

"La Trine" - (french for Toilet)  This name was ingeniously created by none other than our Pastor's son, Jimmy Cantrel.  Asshole.  He'd wait until the entire classroom was full before he'd yell across, "Hey!  Laaaaaaa Triiiiiiiiine!" followed by uproarious laughter.  Dickhead turned into a loser...What goes around is what I say....

"Katrina" - Everybody.  Just about.  Except my family who knows I'm just "Trina".  It usually goes like this, "Is Trina short for Katrina?"  Me: (for the billionth time) "Oh...No, it's just 'Trina'" as though it's kind of a disappointment.  Or they'll just assume I don't know how to spell my name and call me Katrina anyway....

"Janelle" - I was often called Janelle from 3rd through 6th grade because my classmate named Janelle Souply and I looked a lot alike.  Never asked her if she was ever called Trina.  People stopped mixing us up when I decided to get the dorky Dorothy Hamill haircut.  Janelle wisely opted out of that hair trend and became more popular.

"Pirate Dream" - The cutest boy I (secretly) had a crush on called me "Pirate Dream"...I was flattered until I realized it was a precursor to the punch line I unwittingly heard him say to his friend as he gave him an elbow nudge..."Sunken Chest"...Get it?  I was a pirate's dream...because I had a sunken boobs.  Yeah, that name stuck for awhile.  Also quelled my crush on that little pecker head.

"Tina and/or Teresa" - I'm called these names...a lot.  But I'm not at all resentful...really...I likely won't even correct you.  I just don't care.

Isn't this post so enlightening?

Outta here!....


  1. I hear what you're saying Pirate Dream. Because despite being born and living my entire life in the state of Illinois, I was called Kansas all through high school.


    (high school)

  2. Kendall - Why were you called Kansas? haha..

  3. I would have much preffered Colorado. Hell, even Tennessee has some pretty big foothills.
    I kinda wanna go to* a HS reunion just so I can yell: We're not in Kansas anymore, Bitch!!!!! and grab my tits.

    *torture myself