Friday, September 23, 2011

That's a GOOOOD ONE!!!

Ever know someone who isn't terribly funny but likes to crack lame jokes anyway?  That's my dad.  He fancied himself a comedian...

Don't get me wrong.  He could be funny when he didn't try too hard at it.  Subtle jokes like changing into a formerly red Ohio State sweatshirt that was now ratty and faded to pink to sit for Easter dinner for example.  I found that funny.

Or the time he told me he applied a deodorant label on a can of spray paint because he knew his roommate from college was using it...Gold spray paint on the armpit...."Classic."

He also acted serious one time when he gave my uncle a coffee cup for a Christmas exchange.  It had the planet Uranus on it.

So when he tried to crack dumb jokes I didn't find funny I liked to laugh along...but fake.  So it would go something like this:

Dad:  "Trina, did you hear the joke about the elephant named 'Nuts'?"

Me:  "Uh, no, Dad, can't say I have."

Dad:  "He was a circus elephant."

Me:  "You don't say."

Dad:  "He got fired by the ringmaster."

Me:  "Uh-huh..."

Dad:  "Because the guy in the stands was selling peanuts.  Get it?  "Peeeee-NUTS!"

Me:  *totally think the joke is super dumb but decide I'd humor dad by laughing.

Dad:  (Hears me laughing and starts laughing harder)

Me:  (Sees Dad thinking I'm really laughing at his jokes, so I begin to hold my sides and ramp up the laughter as though this joke is hilarious....)

Dad:  (Begins to laugh even harder...eyes watering with tears)

Me:  (Begins a blatantly exaggerated "HAAA HAAAAA HAAA!" to begin to clue in Dad that he's been had)

Dad:  *Confused*


Dad: (stops laughing...)  "Jesus Christ Trina that's annoying."

I think he was more mad and annoyed at himself for falling for my faux laughter spiel...every time I pulled it...

See ya...

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