Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweet n' Sassy...

My bike as a kid was pretty cool...Hot pink with white flowers...a denim banana seat...High handle bars...But one part of my bike really had me conflicted.  Emblazoned on the metal chain guard was the following:

"Sweet n' Sassy"

What the fuck was that?  I mean in my young mind it was more, "Why does it say Sweet and Sassy?"  Did it mean I was supposed to be nice while riding my bike...courteous to pedestrians, not run over cats...that kind of deal.  Or did it mean I was supposed to be an asshole?  Popping wheelies...skidding my tires on my parents' driveway...swerving just before I'd crash into my brother who was just learning to ride...I dunno.

So one day I came up to my brother who was hanging out in his room.  I told him I decided to become more of the "Sassy" connotation and would he like to jump ramps with me.  He agreed it was a good choice.

We went into the basement and got pieces of plywood and propped them up with cement blocks.  My brother went first.  It was a beautiful sight watching him catch some air...all two inches of it but still.  Then came my turn..."Be Sassy Trina...just jump..." was racing through my mind as I prepped for my feat....I peddled as fast as I could, rolled up the ramp...and was amazed at my ramp jumping agility...

But I forgot the landing part...and unfortunately rolled over my handle bars and landed on my back in the street.  My brother of course stood there and laughed...and laughed harder still when he saw I had split my favorite "Body Lingo" jeans in the rear.  Body Lingo was the brand...ever heard of it? Me either...Anyway, I ran into the house with the wind knocked out of me while grabbing my now exposed ass...

My lesson from this experience was that dirt hills were better...I made the switch and continued biking as my sassy self...

Outta here!


  1. Hilarious ! Do you still ride a bike ?

  2. Dominica - I'm actually an avid cyclist! Indoors and out! haha...I just don't jump ramps anymore...retired, if you will.

  3. OMG! I had the same bike and I would get teased about it. The neighborhood bully used to stand on the side of the road yelling (in a condescending tone) "Sweet & Sassy". I used to HATE that! What brilliant marketing strategist came up with that one? Lol

  4. I have been trying to find photos of the bike my sister and I had in the early seventies. It was blue and white. Any ideas. It looks a lot like yours. So cool