Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The first time I cursed...

Fourth grade...Mrs. Maginnis' class.  I was sitting at a table with another classmate.  No idea why I wanted to curse but decided for some reason that day would be my big reveal.

So Mrs. Maginnis is teaching us something about geography.  Pointing to the various continents...boring.  I needed to jazz things up.  I look across to a girl seated at my table, leaned in and muttered..."Shit!  I can't wait for recess, can you?"

I sat back..grinning...pleased with myself as I saw her face turn ashen white as she said, "Trina, why did you say that?  You'll go to the principal's office!  Shh!"  I whispered back, "I don't care if I go to the damn principal's office.  Would be more exciting than this boring shit."

Now at this point she's starting to giggle nervously...and I continued by whispering, "I's funny to hear me say bad words, isn't it?'s some more...'Shit! Shit!  Damn!  Hell!'"

For some reason it felt great.  Maybe I was having a bad week...Sure as hell know my dad was...he inspired me...

Outta here!

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