Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Water Leak at My Brother's House

I have to share a story my brother told me today.

He said there were big time thunderstorms in his town last week.  There were consecutive "BANG!!!  BANG!!! BANG!!!"'s of lightening so loud that it set all his kid's toys off...then he lost power.

His wife came in and said there was a huge amount of water in their laundry room which was located next to a door leading to the garage.  My brother, worried a hose in the laundry room had burst, hurriedly grabbed his flashlight and knelt in the water to find the source of the leak.

As he's crawling through the water on hands and knees he notices a smell eminating from the water...and suddenly he realizes the source of the water leak.

His 100 pound Akita named Tressel literally had the piss scared out of him during the loud thunder.  And my brother was wading in it.

Hey, at least it wasn't a broken hose.

See ya...


  1. Smedette -- Something that would SO happen to me! haha..