Monday, August 22, 2011

Something I found myself humming this fine morning...

Something REALLY odd happened this morning as I was drying my hair.  I found myself humming the theme to Little House on the Prairie....I mean, just out of nowhere...And the really freaky part is the show used to always air Monday nights.

Is my brain hard wired?  I don't know...But decided to look up the intro video...Go ahead.  Take a gander...It's sweet...

Cute right?  But where the fuck where the kids that Paw and Maw were ok cruising in their carriage all over like a couple of pioneering ner do wells?  What would the family meet up place have been?  "Hey kids, meet us at the brushy hillside..The one with trees and tall sure to haul ass because Paw says the horses are skittish.."

And that third sister...the one who tumbles at the end.  Anyone else think she was the village idiot?  Always wore a shit eating grin...I didn't care for her.

Mary was my favorite.  I'll bet she's still hot.  Even after she went blind and all.

Think that dog is probably dead too so now this intro doesn't seem as happy as I remember.

See ya...

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