Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maaaaay beeeee!

Recognize that title?  For you Broadway novices it's the title from a song in a little musical called "Annie". My mother and her friend took me to see a show for my 10th birthday.

Annie was the first musical I ever saw.  I watched in amazement as these girls the same age as me danced and sang on stage....I was fascinated....

It goes without saying that I wasn't terribly interested in Duffy or Pepper...Annie's friends from the orphanage...I mean, yes, they could sing, but there was a reason they had to keep scrubbing floors while Annie got a little child labor work stay.  Annie was "It"...the star...She certainly sang and danced the best and well, let's be honest...she was the prettiest rag tag orphan I had ever seen.

I'd be lying if I said I also didn't like how she hit paydirt with Daddy Warbucks.  That end of show 'makeover' with her newly coiffed hair, high kicking down his massive staircase donning that bright red dress.

Get me Annie.  I wanted to be her....I meant it.

My quest to morph into Annie began with my begging my mother to buy a vinyl record soundtrack of the entire production.  Amazingly, she agreed.  On the ride home, I sat in the back seat holding that shrink wrapped album and daydreamed about becoming my newly discovered idol....

My parents' basement provided the perfect locale to perfect my craft.  My dad had spent months finishing it himself.  All of the walls were covered in dark wood paneling.  To break up the dark decor afforded by the paneled walls and lack of natural light, my mother chose a fecal brown carpet.  The main feature I liked about this particular basement, however, was the sound provided by giant speakers nailed on the walls near the speckled drop ceiling.  They were wired to our main living room stereo.  I'd run up the stairs, place my vinyl record on the turn table and sprint back to the basement before the first song began.

As I stood in my brown cavern, I'd belt out the songs with Andrea McArdle (the original Annie...Her voice kicked ass) and envisioned myself on stage.  I'd exhaust myself as I rehearsed what dance moves I could remember from the show.  And after a couple of weeks of self imposed vocal training, I felt I was ready for a debut.

I'd sing for anyone who wanted to listen.  I started with my siblings.  They were impressed.  After getting their approval I continued my ascent to stardom by performing for my parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends.

I even remember going to camp that year.  I'd take song requests from my cabin roommates.  "Sing us that song from 'Annie', Trina!" Although I was dying to show off my talent, I'd pretend to act reluctant..for about 2 seconds then begin to belt out "Tomorrow" or "Maybe" before anyone could change their mind and say, "Oh, nevermind!  We'll ask again later."

As they sat and listened, I envisioned myself as bunkmates as the forlorn orphans whose lack of looks and talent led to them having to endure another hour and a half of Miss Hannigan.  Perfect.

I still love that musical.  Just wish my voice didn't get lower.  Maybe I'll try Phantom of the Opera next...I'll let you know when I'm ready to perform...

Outta here....


  1. If you decide to try Phantom of the Opera I think Acme has boneless chicken breasts on sale until Friday.

  2. Zibbs....HAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG...I totally forgot about that...HAHA!! Do they carry twine too?

  3. *looks at Acme circular* THEY DO!! AND IT'S ON SALE TOO!!

  4. Trina...I think you are my long lost sister...not joking.

  5. Peggy - Did you sing Annie too? We'll arm wrestle for the role of Annie!