Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ziggy was lame.

Remember Ziggy?  Yeah...wish I didn't either.  I mean really...how the hell did his creator make a mint off drawing a bald dude in a dress who also had elephantitus of the legs?  All that and totally humorless to boot.  I digress.  

I didn't care for the cartoon captions in Ziggy strips...but did find myself obsessed with drawing him.  So here's my take on Ziggy after not drawing him for 30 years.  

Not too shabby...Go ahead.  Compare it to the real fucker.  Maybe a bit difficult to make out the writing...It reads, "Ziggy My Way" by Trina Likes Wine (2011).  Looking at this sketch I realize my version of Ziggy has shorter arms.  So he'd eventually be thinner because he wouldn't be able to reach his hypothetical mouth.  Legs may be slighter fatter too...but they'll provide the sustenance he'll need from not eating.  Like a camel hump if you will.  I purposefully made his head smaller...I always felt a little degree of artistic liberty...I liked it smaller.  So there you go.  

I also enjoyed drawing Ziggy in action:

This drawing is titled "Ziggy Over Wall" by Trina Likes Wine.  Why exactly I drew these is beyond me.  My younger less funny 1979 mind must have found some humor in this somewhere.  

Nothing else to add here.  

See ya...


  1. Is your Ziggy art for sale? I would like to perhaps make a purchase.

  2. haha...Sorry Zibbs...It's already sold. I made 3 bucks on Ebay. Actually broke even with my shipping cost. Commission one...I'll think about it...