Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Say, who's up for a burger?

Back in the day when I traveled with my family and 5 younger siblings, my parents would make a big production out of stopping at McDonald's.  You know, the fast food joint?  Well, in my house it was a big deal...Do the math.  McDonald's for 8 people?  Gets pricey, you dig?

Anyway, my parents had the art of ordering down to a science.  We'd pull up to the "Drive Thru" as it was spelled and my dad went into ordering mode.  He'd brace his hands on the steering wheel and without so much as a glance into the back at six hungry faces, he'd make a general announcement.  "We're getting burgers for everyone.  Cheese or No Cheese?"

One by one my brothers and sisters would follow his orders by stating their preference. "Cheese", "No Cheese please", "Cheese", "Cheese", "Cheese"...

Then came my turn.  "I'll take a Filet O' Fish, no tartare sauce, no cheese with extra pickles please.", I stated in a matter of fact manner.  As though my order was nothing out of the ordinary and I hadn't heard Dad's warning shot during his burger announcement.

Silence.  Then I'd watch as he gripped the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white.  The back of his neck and ears slowly turning a rashy red...visibly annoyed....

"Trina you heard the choices.  Cheese or no cheese?"  I'd reply, "Oh I said it in my order Dad.  Please omit the cheese.  On my Filet O' Fish.  Extra Pickles.  Did I mention I don't care for tartare sauce?"

Meanwhile, my sisters and brothers sat...listening to our calm discussion braced between fear for my life and being ticked off they wouldn't get the sandwich upgrade.

Every time we went to McDonald's on trips we'd engage in this subtle war of words.  And every time he'd eventually cave.  Mad at himself, but probably thought the 35 cent upgrade was worth not hearing my sarcasm for the remainder of the drive.

That's all I got.

Outta here...


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha can I just ask ? Why no tartare sauce ? That's the best part of it !! Dominica xx

  2. Dominica - haha...I have no idea. I think because it was kind of warm and grossed me out! ox

  3. My grandpa used to take all his kids (including my dad) to McDonalds, which he pronounced "Mac-Donalts" once a month for what he called "A hamburger sandwich."

    There were no options.