Friday, June 24, 2011

The time I lost Rice Krispy Treat Friday.

Remember those "Line ups" after recess?  After the whistle blew you'd have to run to your designated line and remain quiet as teachers did their head count. How dumb was that idea?  I mean, the 'being quiet' part.  How was I supposed to shut my pie hole after watching Jeff S. kiss Kathy B. at recess?  It was big news!  Huge!

So I whispered what I saw to Stacey*.  She stood in front of me in the post-recess lineup line.  

Just as I said, "Guess what?  Jeff kissed..."  that bitch turned around and said, "Mr McCartney!  Trina is talking in line!"

A tap on the shoulder later and I was singled out and directed to a smaller, "Non listener, talker" line.  A stint in this line meant you couldn't have Rice Krispy treats on Friday.  Bullshit....

(*Stacey later dressed as Wonder Woman and did this gay ass move with her arms pretending to deflect bullets.  I told everyone her costume stunk because she didn't even have the truth lasso. Everyone knew Wonder Woman carried that.  She became the butt of jokes from Halloween until New Year's.)

Don't fuck with the Trinster.  

See ya...

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  1. ha! Stacey had it coming. God I hate tattle tales. They were such nerds!