Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wait, this looks familiar...

I used to love french braids.  I toiled and practiced hundreds of times to learn how to do them and eventually mastered the craft.  My favorite look was a single braid down the back of my head.  With pouffy bangs.  Not unlike what I now know as a polygamist.  Please see Exhibit A below:

Exhibit A:  Polygamist Hair

I also loved Gunne Sax dresses.  A very special day was when I wore my red one with a french braid.  Not unlike the styles worn by what I now know as a polygamist.  Well, ok, maybe a sexy polygamist.  But still...See Exhibit B below:

Exhibit B:  Polygamist Dress, sexy style

Somewhere there's a picture of me in a red Gunne Sax dress with a french braid, holding my flute while sitting in a winged back wicker chair.  Good grief.

I mean, really..Anything else to add here?  Aside from telling you I was an idiot?

Outta here....


  1. I bet those clompy Little House on The Prairie boots were the shoe of choice? Am I wrong?

  2. And my word verification was "Latetic." I bet that's how Nellie from Little House on the Prairie said lactate.

    Because she was ignorant and all..

  3. I cant wait for that look to come back. French braid and hairsprayed bangs. My Mom didn't know how to french braid, so it eluded me forever.

  4. Don't give me that "it's somewhere" line. You go find that picture!


  5. Zibbs - I think I wore clogs. Do polygamists wear those? I'm not sure.

    Chelle - I'll french braid your hair! Come on over! haha...And yes, bangs were sprayed stiff. Classy.

    Caleb - Maybe I'll go find it and just put a black bar over my eyes. It's that embarassing!