Monday, April 30, 2012

The Time I Won a Cake.

Ever do a cake walk at a carnival?  No?  WHAT?!  Never?!

Is it ever your mother loving lucky day.  Because whether you want to hear about it or not, I'm going to share my experience.

My elementary school would host a fundraiser carnival every Spring.  My brothers, sisters and I lived for it.

One of the events we most looked forward to was the cake walk.  About 25 large homemade cakes donated by parents were placed on a table.  A lady would hit the play button on a music player and you start walking around the table...BUT WAIT!

Not every spot had a cake.  When the music stopped and you happened to be standing in front of a cake? You just hit pay dirt big time...

I happened to be the lucky contestant once...I won a strawberry cake very similar to the one pictured above.  Doesn't it look divine?  Yeah...I smiled at the other enviously hungry contestants as I excitedly picked up my (literally) sweet winnings.

By now you may be asking, "Trina why the shit were you excited to win a cake?  Your mother never baked you numb nut?"

I have your answer....Winning a cake gave me a boost up the rungs of seniority at home.  Everyone wanted some, but I owned it.  Only promises of doing dishes on my night or making my bed would one be afforded a thin sliver of made-from-the-box goodness.  Parents included....I got a break from practicing my flute.  And dad finally fixed the chain on my bike...

Sweet, right?

Outta here...

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