Thursday, April 26, 2012

Of course we've been brushing!

1978.  Family trip to Ohio to visit relatives.  We spent two weeks there.  My brothers, sisters and I had a ton of fun.

On one of the last days of our visit, my mother comes into my grandparents' living and asks me where all my siblings' toothbrushes were.

I didn't know.  I took care of my own stuff.

So mom goes to the kitchen where my five younger brothers and sisters were seated eating their breakfast and proceeds to ask them...

"Where are your toothbrushes?"....My sister replies, "We left them at home."

My mother was appalled...disgusted...

How could her kids go nearly TWO weeks without brushing their teeth?

Mom says, "You mean to tell Meeeee....that you've gone this ENTIRE time without brushing your TEETH?!"

My sister allayed her fears by saying, "No, mom!  We've been brushing...All of us have been using yours!"

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