Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's not a horse...

My dad's company used to sponsor "Family Day" at amusement parks.  I actually think it was the only time my family actually got to go to one of those venues because for the same money, we could spend a week at the shore.

My youngest brother was probably 5 years old at the time.  The first ride we boarded looked pretty innocent.  A choo choo train.  All of us climbed on board and smiled and waved as we were whisked away.  

It was actually a stupid ride.  I guess we were supposed to be entertained by cheesy bears playing banjos and singing.  Or whatever else scenes this place thought were entertaining.  Just as we were getting into boredom mode, we felt the choo choo kinda catch onto a chain...and head up a steep incline.  

It was dark.  We were confused, but had no choice but to go along.  Suddenly the train went from a choo choo to the TGV...(Train de Grande Vitesse)...ever seen one?  It's fast.  It's scary.  It was a freaking roller coaster.  

As we approached the loading gates to disembark we looked over at my brother who was completely wide eyed and stunned.  He was standing in place with a dazed look...and proceeded to place his hands in his pant pockets, rock on his heels and says, "Why!  Looky there!  My shoes got wet!"

Did I mention there was no water on this ride?  There wasn't.  

I guess that last hill really scared him.  And as such he wizzed his pantalones.  I did give him props for his novel, "Point out the obvious, maybe they won't suspect I did what I did on the ride."

And the thing is?  He kept peeing his pants!  The whole day...Not a good combo with the searing hot temps....

The end of the day everyone was getting tired.  My sister turns to me and says, "Are there pony rides here?  I smell horses!"

My now disgusted, exhausted Dad bellows, "It's not a HORSE.  It's your brother!!!  We have to leave!"

(Another thing about this day I remember is my mom spilling her baked beans and half eaten hot dog into a vat of community potato salad.  Classic!  I stood and laughed as she frantically tried to fish out the beans before the corporate folks saw...)

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