Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I had homemade party hats....

I never was a huge fan of birthdays.  Even as a kid.  Lots of my friends had lots of dough, very few siblings. This combo resulted in kick ass birthday parties.  My parents had moderate amounts of cash with six kids….My birthday parties paled in comparison. 

My friend Naomi came from a wealthy family.  For her 12th birthday, her mom and dad were totally fine with us driving their car around a huge field.  You read right.  Ten 12- year olds driving a car….Unattended.  It was a blast.  It was the first time I drove a Beemer.  You read right again.  They were THAT rich.  I mean, really?  Anyway, it was great.  We even rode on the roof yelling like little 80’s valley girls…

Fast forward to my birthday party.  My ‘crafty’ (meant in the most sarcastic sense) mom thought she’d have a party at home.  So homey in fact, we wouldn’t drive to the local five and dime for party supplies.  She had a great idea.  The party attendees would make their own hats.  Imagine attending a party and the hostess says, “Welcome!  Grab a paper punch!  We’re making confetti!”  Yeah, that fun.

Materials did we used: Generic paper plates (as in, “Thin White plates that couldn’t hold a chicken wing without bending), a paper punch, crayons, markers and yarn. 

The idea was to allow every girl to scribble her creative drawing on the paper plate.  As a guest, you could draw a picture, maybe write your name…go wild.  Once completed, two holes were punched exactly 180 degrees from one another.  Yarn was then drawn across the top of the plate and fished down the holes.   The fancy chapeau was then held in place by tying under the chin.  It looked cute.  In a “plate on the head, yarn under the chin” kinda way…..

You think I’m kidding.  No, I’m not.  I even have pictures.  Somewhere.  I won’t post them because they’re so embarrassing.  All of us were standing around with plates on our heads.  What the fuck. 

Nothing else to say here….Too many scars.


  1. I can recommend a great therapist !

  2. Dominica- it's still a raw memory really. Maybe for my 50th birthday...haha...

  3. I love crappy crafts. Evidence in the post I wrote about a sketch artist that works only in the medium of dried macaroni.

  4. Hey but you never forgot it! Memories!

  5. Peggy - No, no I didn't. And I'll always have the pictures so I never will. haha..