Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wow, I've been gone awhile, huh?

I know.  I haven't posted regularly in a long while.  Lots of stuff going on here.  Most of it positive.

Regardless, believe me when I say I've been busy.  One liners on Twitter are easier for me than sitting to write a blog post.

So here we are.  And for some reason, just today I thought of my foray into kite making.  "But Trina!  Why the picture of the loaf of bread?" you may be asking yourself.

You're so astute.  Maybe not.  I just love that word, "astute"...

If you're a loyal follower you know by now I'm the oldest of six kids.  And as such?  Not much in the way of green backs.  You know, "dollars" "Cash" "disposable income"...

And every March when the weather in Colorado finally became mild my friends would venture outdoors with their custom kites.  Cool ones.  Ones with evil looking eyes...You could reel them out to the stratosphere...laugh with your in amazement as your kite was able to do tricks...flips...dive toward Earth before taking a sudden shot back into the stuff like that.  

Me?  No kite.  I mean much are those again?  In 1978 I'm guessing maybe 3 dollars.  Regardless, I think my parents didn't buy me one because it mean 5 other kids needed the same toy.  So it was actually an 18 dollar investment.

I allowed my ingenuity to take hold.  

One day while eating lunch I happened to study the Wonder Bread bag my mom had with a limp loaf of crap bread inside.  For some reason I felt this bag could be made into a kite.  

After convincing my mom the bread would be better off in a Tupperware container, I excitedly ran upstairs to my room and went to work.

I made three holes in the plastic surrounding the opening.  Tied yard from the three holes and added a long piece of twine.  Done.

All I needed now was wind.  And baby I got it!  I went to my backyard and watched as my bread kite miraculously flew.  The wind filled the bag not unlike a modern day windsock.  Sure, it spun wildly, a minor design flaw.  Oh and it only reached an altitude of 4 feet.  That's ok.

Things were great until my dad poked his head out our back door and asked, "Nice kite Trina.  It looks like a flying loaf of bread."

At first I was confused by his comment because I was so focused on the 'kite' part of my design vs. the actual asthetics.  But it was at that moment the reality and stupidity of my idea came to light.

Embarrassed, I reeled in my Wonder Bread kite and wondered how many of my neighbors stood laughing at their back doors saying the exact thing.

Oh well.  That's all I have for now.

Outta here...