Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My school report on Beavers...

I have no idea why this random story popped into my head...but here it goes...

When I was in elementary school we had to pick an animal, write a report on its habitat as well as a creative fictional story.

I was enamored with beavers.  Those buck toothed, flat tailed little tree biters were irresistible to me.  So it went without saying I wrote my report on the little critters.

Well, I wouldn't really say, "little"...If my beaver facts don't escape me, they can grow to a hearty 60 lbs.  Can you imagine holding or petting a 60 pound beaver?  I know I'd be nervous petting a beaver that big!  

Did you know beavers can stay underwater for as long as 15 minutes?  I found that fact really incredible too.  I can't imagine having beaver that can stay under water that long.  You have to be asking yourself whether the beaver begins to look 'pruney'...My answer is a resounding, "No!".  Beavers are furry and have an oily coat that protects them from moisture.

Also, during my research I learned beavers reside all over the world.  Did you know that?  We'll stick with the familiar North American ones.

Beavers also tend to be nocturnal...Meaning, they are usually very active at night.  I was sure to include that fact in my report findings too.

Did you know beavers can hold logs?  Big ones.  They can be strong too.  They like little ones too but being the arduous worker they are, taking on a big log makes them feel good.

To really make my report shine, I was sure to find all kinds of pictures of beavers...Some had slight variance in hair color...Some were big, others small.  I wanted to be thorough.  Pay attention to detail.

I read my report findings to my class.  Explained the parts of my beaver in detail.  Pointed out its fascinating features.  Watched as my classmates looked in wide eyed amazement.

I got an "A" by the way....Beavers rock!

Outta here....


  1. 60 lb beavers? I seriously never want to encounter that! The last thing on my mind would be petting it lol :-)

  2. HAHAHA! I really like you Rockabilly...thanks for reading...and please be careful of those rotund beavers....