Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My thoughts on hook rugs...

Ever make those dumb hook rugs as a kid?  I did.  A dog one.  Actually it was the very one pictured above.  Nice, right?  Look at the detail.  I know, it kind of looks like a skull with boobs and black George Washington hair, but you're supposed to be creative...Imagine it's a dog frolicking in a field of flowers.  I think in this particular shot designed for the rug, the dog paused for a moment to wonder where his fourth leg went.

And check out the brand..."Betty's Rug Squares"...for beginners.  Is there an equivalent of a black belt in hook rug artistry?  The label sure implies that.  And just who are the people who go on to advanced hook rug-dom?  I've never seen them.  Shame on Betty for creating false hope for a hook rug career.  I digress...

It took a good 6 months between boredom breaks to finish it.  Did I think my mother would ever use it as an entry rug?  Yes.  I mean, it was a 24" inch square after all...enough to rest a pair of shoes on.  And even if she didn't want to use it as a rug, I knew it could instantly be transformed to a picture or pillow.

Want to know my real thoughts on this craft?  I think hook rugs are just fucked up.  Created for kids so they stay out of their mother's hair. Time consumers.  Tedious.  No functional place in society really after they're done.  Too small to be a functioning area rug.  Too homely and sad to hang on the wall.  And who really would use one as a pillow?  If I wanted to lay my face on a carpet, I'd just plant myself on a floor.

Think I'll buy one for my kid when she's old enough...Get some quiet for a change...

Outta here...


  1. I was at Michael's yesterday and saw the hook rugs. Brought back childhood craft memories.

    God, those things are ugly.

  2. I sort of see Shakespeare in that messed up rug too.

  3. Jessica - Wait, you thought they were ugly? I'll move mine from my entry when you come visit...

    dbs - Welcome to my blog! And I laughed at your comment...

  4. As I tweeted, that first paragraph is comdedy gold.

  5. I had that too! And it was a crock of shit just like you said...now, most importantly, do they still sell these?

    ps...sorry, I've been a bad blog reader lately! Trying to catch up!